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Wifi Products

Wireless Excellence manufactures the range of WiFi products which are ideal for providing outdoor as well as in-building coverage for corporate, ISP and Telecom applications, using our high quality telecom-grade solutions.

Highly integrated All-in-One WiFi Hotspot unit with on-board authentication, bandwidth allocation, Firewall and QoS features for advanced users, corporate and carrier/ISP network deployments. Latest-generation standards including 802.11ac as well as 802.11n, 802.11a/b/g are fully supported.

Outline specification :

* All-in-One WiFi Hotspot for public internet access
* Centralised controller-based WiFi solutions for large-scale deployments
* 802.11a/b/g/n/ac standards – up to 867Mbps raw data rate, 500Mbps+ net throughput
* New 802.11ac hotspot version available
* Onboard Authentication, NAT, DHCP, bandwidth allocation
* Firewall, QoS and multi-layered security features
* Remote Administration and Monitoring facilities
* Multi-layered security features, DOS and anti-virus features
* Multiple radio card options and extended frequency range options
* Includes Hotspot unit, Power supplies and integrated antennas

Applications :

for WiFi products include public internet access, retail, ISP, Service provider and corporate applications. Centralised controller-based solutions are available for large campus sites, hotels, airports and public spaces